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How I Began Developing My Skills as a Marketing Writer and an AI Art Enthusiast.

As a content marketer, my job to be fully immersed in production of the attractive visual content including photos and videos to intrigue the assorted audiences and help my clients achieve better business results. But the night began to fall once I’ve been out with a sports injury that prevented me from any kind of physical activity for about two months. I could not grab the practice of photo and video shooting, so I tried to find a new channel of my creative expression which brought me to the artificial intelligence

In course of my activities of recovery, I dedicated myself to the AI-based devices and platforms realizing, that they have great potential to boost my creative aspects and may mitigate the hurdles which my injury has put. The discovery of AI art, at the beginning, was a personal exploration which later transformed into a business analytical choice due to the fact that I realized that this type of art had the potential to greatly improve quality and the ampunt of the content marketing strategy of my customers.


AI-Art has an inherent flexibility that allows people to fulfill various creative uses. AI made it possible to build these pieces without hours of manual labor or crippling the exhaustion since I just have to typed the needed words. With the AI algorithms I can easily generate remarkable visual contents. Now that I had that ability that I had not previously, it was not only easy to continue doing what I was doing in my content marketing ventures but also helped me to find ways for value creation in an environment where the well of ideas was drying up so quickly.

Also, AI art presents an interesting alternative to transform my authored content into futuristic art which secures its resonance with modern generation. Putting AI in the center of my visual well help me to add creativity and smoothness in my campaigns which is good for the thorough engagement of target audiences.


More than just being rooted in functional utilization, I found myself opening up to a new area of artistic discovery and experimentation. In the course of my involvement with AI generated artworks, I have found myself in a world of opportunities for projections of the self and narrative, which are much beyond the limits and preconceptions of real life painting and other visual modes of expression. Every painting turned out to be a materialized outcome of my route through the following actions: from damaging circumstances to building something new and pushing all limits of marketing creativity to the boundaries in the online age.

In sum, my expediency to delve into AI art was implied by the feeling I could do it but backed by my insatiable hunger for improvement. A traverse that was initially taken as a cure for physical inabilities is now what seems a trial of re-creativeness and invention. The future of AI art in my entire marketing plan is bright with this stronghold tool achieving the objectives of engaging with the audience, differentiation, and success.