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Prompters Cheat Sheet: Lighting

There are many different ways of ‘Lighting’, let’s start with perhaps the most important, as well as those most commonly used in prompts.

Studio Lighting Types:


Key Light:

Since studio setups reference the main light source, the one’s 45-degree angle may bring shadows and highlights.


Fill Light:

This kind of lighting was used to add a fill light that was to the opposite of what was called key light and was to illuminate shadows and create a perfect balance of lighting.



The photographer uses the one of the basic photographic techniques of placing the subject before or behind the lens to create an impression of the depth and light shining on the edges of the object.


Hair Light:

They precisely pick the hair to put the highlights and dimension and the production of texture and details.


Background Light:

It brings two dimensionality and gives viewers a feeling that the object is closer or farther.

Natural Lighting Types:


Direct Sunlight:

Creates sharp edge lighting that has intense definition, which is most suitable for creating moods and textures that are dramatic.


Diffused Light:

Fades out the interval between the strong also high contrasted shadows, resulting in uniform and well-illuminated picture.


Golden Hour:

The so-called magic hour is a natural phenomenon that happens at the early morning or the late afternoon when the light is diffused, the colors are warm and the tones are golden yet soft, which is perfect for expression of romantic or ethereal mood.


Blue Hour:

In the evenings just before the sun rises or in the early mornings just after the sun sets, a bluish hue is featured in the sky, which is strong enough to create a soft and ambient light effect, thus making this the best time to capture serene or somber scenes.


Overcast Sky:

It projects gentle, diffused light with no shadows and as a result, grant an excellent and even lighting which is perfect for pictures of people and still life photography.