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TengrAI 0.8 ante portas

TengrAI 0.8. test image
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The TengrAI 0.8.0 version is expected to arrive soon, likely on April 17th, bringing significant changes with it. We were fortunate enough to be among the first to test it, and we must say, the team has once again outdone themselves and done an excellent job.

We’ve already showcased some images created with version 0.8.0 in our Facebook group, so we won’t delve into that here separately. If you haven’t seen it yet, join our community.

A lot of development has happened under the hood, but right now, we want to highlight the changes to the user interface. It’s important to note that there are now two modes available to users, which the creators have dubbed “Seer” and “Servitor” modes. To simplify, the Seer mode is designed for simpler use, while the Servitor mode will cater to power users.

The prompting method is also changing; negative prompts will no longer have a separate input field but will instead work with the NOT {…} solution, across all languages recognized by TengrAI.

Another huge innovation is the ability to specify a “multiple subject” in the prompt, which they’ve made user-friendly by simply requiring each subject’s prompt to be written on a separate line.


Although we had limited time for testing, the six processing modes associated with image-based input also seem promising based on the image.

For this version, the developers have also prepared a prompting guide, which you can access here!

Have a creative day!